Bean Crafters

Bean Crafters exists to joyfully serve our community local, organic, plant-based foods in manners that are accessible,
durable, and realize a triple-bottom-line (social, environmental and financial)        
We are a team of artisans and friends who have a deep-set care and passion for quality food and the relationships, techniques, and equities antecedent to any such quality. Every time you buy something from us you help further a vision of a food system of true cost economics and verifiable quality.
For those of you not quite ready for scratch cooking with beans, grains, and such, we have developed an ever-expanding line of value-added products so you can participate in the serving of quality foods that much easier.  Please reach out to us with questions, suggestions or requests.

Oh, and this.

 The foods we make are typically at least 90% locally grown and organic by weight, with some products hitting the 99% mark. Outside of cumin and curry, the farthest we go for any ingredient is usually for our sea salt. Check out our Farm Sources page for a comprehensive list.

All of the products we make are Plant-based, VeganGMO-free, most are Gluten- Free.