our story

Created in 2009, Bean Crafters was born out of a love affair with beans. We wanted to craft tasty, affordable, locally and organically sourced products that were rooted in the simple but oh so nutritious and delicious bean. Bean Crafters was founded on the belief that what we eat and how it is prepared has a direct and powerful effect on our communities and the environment.


We are supporting staple food growers and producers by building markets for their crops and goods through our valley-added products. All this endeavoring is to support an agricultural system that more readily builds soil, protects water, and feeds people nutrient-rich foods in a less energy-intensive way.  We strive to increase accessibility to real food across a variety of platforms, not just Co-Ops and farmer’s markets but schools, jails, hospitals and other institutions. Food is central to our communities and to our future. Bean by bean we are increasing the yum factor on your plate while providing nourishment to all.


our values

These core values help keep us aligned and act as a guide in decision-making. They embody our desire and dedication to do what is right.

Sustain ourselves as an endeavor for decades to come through healthy
returns to our triple-bottom-line (people, planet and profit)


Serve as a conduit for locally-grown, organic plant-based foods from fields to meals


Function as a change agent in emphasizing the importance and enjoy-ability of supporting local organic
agriculture, as well as the net gains extended to communities when we do


Inspire our community to contemplate and learn about what they eat; bring to the forefront the power
we hold when we make affirming choices about what we eat


Create a workplace for, and relationships with, employees that honor and nourish them as a full person


Craft food that is delicious, original and grounded in our beliefs


our mission 

Our mission is to craft delicious, nourishing, organic products. We’re all about making it easier and more affordable for folks to access real food and good health. We are committed to supporting local and regional growers and increasing awareness and transparency around what’s in your food and where it came from. We take seriously the power and influence our food choices hold. From ingredient sourcing, to whom we hire, our workplace conditions, packaging choices - we strive to create healthier and more joyful communities.