Bean Crafters' Menu
As of September 2015, Bean Crafters has our very own brick and mortar food joint at the University of Vermont.

A Real Food audit ( from October proved out that 89.7% of the food we served was local, organic, and/or fair trade. That percentage was about three times the next-closest food establishment on campus, and possibly one of the most Real standing of any on-campus food venue in the country. Stay tuned for more on all of that-- we plan to only improve from here. As such, you can rest assured that 'fresh' and 'local' aren't just catch phrases but legit descriptions of what's on offer. 

Want to check it out?
We're located in the Marché of the Commons Building at UVM's Living and Learning Complex (633 Main St. Burlington).

We're open from 11am to 8pm Monday through Friday while university classes are in session (we close down for summer and winter breaks). We also have pre-made meals for sale on-site over the weekends and late-night. The eatery is open to the public, but also meal-plan integrated for staff and students.
Educational Aspects
A big part of our deciding on locating our eatery at the University of Vermont was the opportunity it presented to speak truth to power. And there's no such power as the budding generations of change agents abiding in halls of higher education.

We will continue to host demos and foster collaborations with established courses' curricula to get to the heart of what it means to responsibly and enjoyably occupy this Land in a way that is durable. This sentiment is at the heart of why we do what we do in the way that we do it.

So whether you're interested in seed saving workshops, howBurger from the cafe the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine integrate into recipe development, fermentation demos, or facilitated discussions around the ecology of regional enterprises in a time of global market capitalism, keep an eye out both here and on our Facebook page for pending events in the weeks and months ahead.

To get in touch with us in order to set up such an event, email us at vtbeancrafters(at)