| Gluten free. Vegan. Nut-free |

These cookies have been tested and approved with gusto in schools around VT. We use high-quality semi sweet chocolate chips and a rich non-gmo cocoa powder to partner up with black beans for this fudgy, healthful take on an otherwise decadent treat.

We currently only sell our cookies as frozen batter. This assures you the best price possible while also giving you the ability to bake just what you need when you need it.

INGREDIENTS: *Black beans, Callebaut chocolate chips (sugar, unsweetened chocolate, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, vanilla), *Brown sugar, *White sugar, *Canola oil, *Sorghum flour, Valhrona cocoa powder, *Applesauce, *Molasses, Vanilla extract, Salt, Baking powder
* = Organic