In order to cultivate a greater quantity and diversity of both bean varieties being grown and types of farms growing them in the Northeast, we've adapted our business over time. We found we couldn't expand our bean growing infrastructure and kitchen infrastructure at the same time as a growing small business and so began to do less and less growing of beans ourselves and more and more focusing on post-harvest processing as our niche.

Through grants, debt, and re-investment of revenues we've put together an array of threshing, winnowing, and hand-cleaning equipment that allows us to facilitate the cultivation of everything from heirloom beans being grown on small diversified farms to contemporary black bean cultivars grown on a combine-harvester scale. We clean, bag, and market dry beans around the Northeast, and also use these same beans--including any seconds that arise in cleaning and grading-- in the value-added products we offer around New England.

Our value-added products like our black bean burgers were expressly created to expand both markets for our grower network and access to these much-needed plant-based proteins in our community. The more we invest in post-harvest handling equipment, lot tracking, and marketing, the more we free up farms to reinvest in field production equipment, while making it easier to aggregate and distribute quality assured product to more and larger volume customers around New England.

While we hope our business continues to evolve over time, this is what we've found to be most useful to-date. This model is based on feedback from conversations with dozens of farmers and wholesale accounts over the years, traveling to other traditional bean-growing regions around the country, and a passion to make this whole community thrive for generations to come.


We offer many different varieties of beans, sourced from different growers therefore origin and organic status change with the seasons/year. Please inquire about current availabilities.

    • Black Turtle

    • Pinto

    • Soldier

    • Adzuki

    • King of the Early

    • Hutterite

    • Red Kidney

    • Marafax

    • Yellow-Eye