Vermont Bean Crafters exists to joyfully serve our community local, organic, plant-based foods in manners that are accessible, durable, and realize a triple-bottom-line. 

All Vermont Bean Crafters products are vegan, nut-free and gmo-free. They all incorporate local and organic ingredients, though not all are certified organic. We make all our value-added products ourselves in the Mad River Valley, VT.

In a nutshell, Vermont Bean Crafters takes local, organic vegetables, herbs, and grains and turn them into thoughtful, soulful variations of whole food plant-based products. We are a quickly growing business located at Kingsbury Market Garden in Warren, VT. Our products are almost entirely gluten-free and all are vegan and gmo-free. We're all about making it easier for folks to access good health and support the regional agricultural economy.

The touchstone of our business is making value-added products for wholesale markets. Bringing nourishing whole foods to the public in easily prepared meal components. Our current offerings include three types of bean burgers, falafel, hummus and muffin and cookie batters. We also distribute cooked and dried beans.


Interested parties will find themselves immersed in a commercial kitchen. The bulk of work we need done is getting in the mix in the kitchen and processing the britches off produce two to four days a week for 8-10 hours each day on average. Other kitchen duties include dishes (and there's a lot of them), mopping, sweeping and general maintenance to keep the space sparkling. Good, hard, dependable, meditative work that amounts to thousands of pounds of organic products nourishing the bellies of people from all walks of life each week. 

As the leader of the production team, you are responsible for kitchen operations and able to mentor and inspire the kitchen crew to meet our goals in a efficient, safe, delicious and fun manner.

You will work with the Operations Director to complete the following:

  • create and manage production schedules
  • manage inventory 
  • ordering ingredients and packaging needs
  • shipping and receiving
  • establish and enforce regular cleaning schedules and ensure ingredients are properly labeled and handled 

Someone with culinary and production backgrounds will strike our fancy. The ability to lift 50 pounds and be on one's feet for 8-10 hours a day is a requirement. The work can be monotonous and repetitive. One must also be a team-player and have the ability to problem-solve and work on their own. At least one year relevant kitchen/production experience required.


Compensation involves a base-pay of $11.50 that ratchets up quickly if a mutual decision is reached to keep you on board after an 12 day training period. That base is layered with some real good food to take home each week plus a daily, free lunch and an hour of paid break. 


There are of course more details to discuss, but shoot us an email. Resumes in PDF form are strongly encouraged with at least three references (a mix of professional and personal is great). Cover letters are always helpful, but a descriptive email introduction could suffice. Email molly at vermontbeancrafters dot com.

Top candidates will be asked to come in for a kitchen trial. This means getting right in the mix for four hours on one of our production days. These initial trial hours will be compensated only with food, but if you're The One, then we will lump those trial hours in with your first paycheck.