Molly Bagnato, Director of Operations

Molly came to Bean Crafters through the avenue of environmental conservation and social justice. After twelve years of working for non-profits she decided to shake it up and work for a values-driven, for-profit that incorporated all the facets she is passionate about; integrative wellbeing, community, sustainable agriculture, conservation and providing good, quality food to a diverse population. She is inspired by the success of Bean Crafters to date and excited about the prospects that lie ahead. 


Vincent Bergamo, Production Assistant

Vincent has been working in the culinary business for several years starting as a kitchen steward at the Woodstock Inn, where he washed dishes, and cooked for employees. Vincent later found employment at VBC through connections with a friend. Vincent has a strong belief is sustainable agriculture, and so was gravitated to the mission of VBC. He lives with his dog Otis in central Vermont.



Joe Bossen, Founder and President

 Joe started Bean Crafters late in 2009 while working on diversified organic farms and in renewable energy. He jumped ship on renewables to focus on the food side of things, preferring the daily reality available in soils and sauces. And, well, a more sensible food system is at the root of a more sensible energy system. Hence: Bean Crafters.

The last seven years have been the testing of a hypothesis that Taste and Texture--visceral joys and hedonism generally-- are among the most affective forces available to us for bringing about Change. This Change looks like a world wherein people gather to share a meal they are implicitly decreasing food miles, relying on less energy- and freshwater-intensive plant-based foods, and helping to proliferate acres cultivated via crop rotations, sans irrigation, under organic practices. That's it. To participate, just chew, and be happy.  

Evan Kendall, Production Lead

Evan started his involvement in sustainable agriculture when he began working on his college’s organic farm in 2008. Throughout and after college, he worked on various farms in Central Pennsylvania, honing his interests into the making of value-added products on farms.

To further his culinary pursuits, Evan enrolled in the New England Culinary Institute in 2014, to better fulfill his goal of making good ingredients, into good foods for all. After interning and working as a line cook in Portland, ME, and as a butcher on a farm in the Adirondacks, he is excited to join the Bean Crafters team and work toward our common goals. When he isn’t thinking about food, he is probably thinking about Camp Wigwam, his home for 12 summers.